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Ontario, Canada

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The Methodist Girls' High School has contributed to the lives of thousands of women, who have during their time there gained academic excellence and afterwards pursued distinction. Many of these women have come together and formed alumnae associations in different parts of the world.

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Fellow Alumnae of the Methodist Girl's High School Old Girls' Association of Ontario, Canada, let me take this opportunity to congratulate ourselves in attaining 140 years of our Beloved School.

It is with great pride, joy and honour that we launch this website, http://mghsogaontarioca.org, which will enable us to promote our Organization to all who will visit this Site.

Since inception, our Organization has been working in collaboration with Members in the Diaspora in the implementation of programs and initiatives designed to promote in the development and progress of our School.

Despite the fact that we are few in numbers, I am very proud to say that we are very hard working devoted and committed individuals who work tirelessly to achieve successful outcomes in the activities we engage in.

At our 3rd annual Thanksgiving Service held on 6th May 2019 at the St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Toronto, North York, Ontario, we were once again privileged to have Rev. Gloria Cline-Smythe as Guest Preacher accompanied by MS Elsie Jolly.  In 2017 she was also in attendance with Mrs. Octavia Johnson one of the Founding Members of the Washington Metropolitan Branch in the USA.

We are indeed extremely grateful for the love and support they have extended to our Branch over the past 3 years.

I therefore implore All Members to stay the course as we work tirelessly towards the improvement and advancement of the Methodist Girl's High School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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MGHS OGA / Canada

President's Bulletin Message

Mrs. Carina Femi Bayer


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The Methodist Girls’ High School celebrated its 140th Anniversary on January 1, 2020. Thanks to members of the Wesleyan Mission Society who foresaw the importance of a girls’ secondary school to complement the boys secondary school, the Wesleyan Boys’ High School, twenty years after it was established in 1860.  

“One cannot compress into so few words what the Good Lord did for the Methodist Girls’ High School during the period I had the privilege of being captain of the ship.” These are words from Mrs. Fashu Collier in January 2000 during her Reflection of her achievements as Principal of the school from 1959 to 1985.

On the quest to slow the progression of COVID-19 pandemic, all events previously scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled. In our community, mass gatherings are banned and social distancing is our new norm.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this announcement and look forward to having you join us at a future event.